Method to harmonize energy, strengthen protection and attract good luck

NAMKHÁ is a special item made of wooden sticks and colored threads, to harmonize personal energy of individual, strengthen protection and attract good luck.

Namkha were used in rituals of the ancient shamanic tradition Bon - pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. Similar items with some magical properties exist in various cultures all around the world, but in most places the deep knowledge of their practical application is lost, and such items are made just as a kind of traditional amulets, ritual decoration or ethnic souvenirs for tourists.

Ancient knowledge how to use Namkha seemed to be lost too. But after many years it´s available again - effective method of working with human energy, both on inner level and in unifying with the whole Universe.

Application of this method requires some astrological calculations according to Tibetan astrology (considering symbolic animal, element and mewa of birth year). After making Namkha it´s necessary to do a special ritual to activate its harmonizing and protective power.

This service is developed according to the book "Namkha" (2005) by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and astrological system Phugpa, for the benefit of Dzogchen practitioners and all sentient beings.

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